Some Decks, Covered Decks, & Fences.

Asheville deck also doing duty as a carport. 870 sf total area.
Gates and railings can be imaginative...
...and never sag.
Roofing material on the bottom of deck joists will keep the vehicles dry

A deck is really a porch if you put a roof on it.



At one end of her 60 x 12 foot deck this customer wanted a stand-alone screened porch... the other she wanted a gazebo roof with a little cupola on top ( not shown ).

This customer was happy with stair access to front and back of her mountain hideaway. Joe did a complete make over of this house, by the way, roof, windows, doors, siding, gutters, interior framing, sheet rock, flooring, new half bath, kitchen remodel, whole house re-wiring, plumbing upgrade, and stone work for back patio and interior chimney. He didn't take pictures, though, or if he did, he can't find them.

A simple but elegant redwood deck from Joe's earlier days in California.

A fancy fence for urban privacy...
...very nice if you have small children.
Another redwood fence...
...only in California!
And another...