An Old Kitchen Is a New Kitchen Waiting to Happen

Why not put the sink under some new windows and get rid of those ugly metal cabinets?

Why not just redo the whole thing from floor to ceiling?

Why not?

The kids are gone!
And let's put in an archway while we're at it!

Add A New Kitchen

If you can bring in utilities, you can put a kitchen where you want it in your home or second home or vacation cabin.

A modest kitchen, with laminate countertops and cabinets you can finish yourself can be attractive and affordable. A solid plywood body is essential for cabinets that will last.

Laminate has an impressive choice of patterns and edge styles and is a proven performer.

An attractive and durable kitchen doesn't have to break your budget.

Tear Down That Wall!

This client wanted to open things up.

We tend to spend more time in the kitchen than other rooms.

She wanted her kitchen more accessible from the living room, and she wanted a more spacious feeling.

She found a great deal at IKEA in Charlotte on a 4x8 slab of butcher block.

This became a kitchen island to connect the two rooms

It's easier to sell or rent a home with special features such as this.

Imagine A Bathroom

A small, irregular shaped room, about 9x8, did not deter this client from making something special from the limitations she had to deal with.

We provided her with a strong foundation to build on.

No plastic tub/shower combo for her!

We reinforced the floor in this old house to accomodate this new cast iron claw foot tub.

The 16" travertine floor tile makes the space seem larger.

Decorative trim defines a space.

A pair of corbels set off the bath alcove.

Upgrade the Master Bath

The clients were tired of this boring little bathroom. They wanted tile and nicer fixtures, something less utilitarian, more luxurious.

There were some spots on the ceiling they wanted to cover, too.

They thought it would be quick job and not too expensive...

And then we uncovered this nastiness. An old roof leak rotted the wall framing.

Be prepared for surprises when you upgrade your old home.

We had to reframe the exterior wall and window rough opening, reinsulate, and replace exterior siding, too!

But the results were satisfying and the final cost did not raise any blood pressure.

Home owners can get involved in the job, get the materials, and contribute whatever they can to save money. The glass panel door was a bargain. Obscure glass is easy to create with inexpensive stick-on overlays.

A Rustic Bath

This client is not impressed with IKEA. He wanted to upgrade this bath from cheap tile board to real tile, but he wasn't looking for glossy machine perfect surfaces.

He loves weathered barn board and a more rustic and natural feel.

Some salvaged beard board in a rouch weathered oak frame appealed to him.

Barn board shelves and a mirror framed in barn board make up a natural, warm space.

He wanted to do the painting himself. A clay wall and ceiling coating from American Clay would be a great final touch.